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A Very Special Earth Day Terroir, 2017

March 13, 2017

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This year’s Terroir Creative Writing Festival is happening on Earth Day, April 22. We’ve put together a fabulous list of speakers and workshop leaders for the day, three of whom will be addressing topics or available to talk about subjects with an environmental focus.

Harry Fuller had a professional career in TV and Internet news. Birding became his escape, then his passion and finally, an obsession. Fuller once wrote for big corporations. Now, he writes for himself and the birds. The rewards are not monetary. The more people know and admire birds, the better the chance that we will aid their survival.

Harry Fuller will be holding a talk and workshop titled: Birds, Words, and What They Mean

Kathleen Dean Moore, Ph.D., is a philosopher, climate activist, and writer, the author or co-editor of thirteen books.  Her 2016 book, Great Tide Rising, is a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. Bill McKibben calls her most recent book, Piano Tide: A Novel, “savagely funny and deeply insightful.”

Kathleen will be giving a festival keynote titled: Medusa’s Curse: The Role of the Writer in a Reeling World

Steve Duin has written a column for The Oregonian since 1984. He is the author of seven books, including The Less We Touch, a novel, and the graphic novel, Oil and Water. He is a foremost expert on comics and graphic novels in Portland, currently considered the center of comics production in the United States.

Steve will be giving a talk called:The Novel Wonders of the Graphic Arts 

Have you registered for this year’s festival? You can do so online or by regular mail here. 


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  1. Caroline O’Brien PERMALINK
    June 8, 2016 10:34 pm

    Does anyone have an old 2012 Teroir Program? If so, may I have a copy of it?

    If you have any information on how I can obtain a copy of the 2012 Terroir schedule, please contact me at either:

    ( 503 ) 583 – 0928


    Thank you,
    Caroline O’Brien
    Editor, AAYC Newsletter and
    Producer, Literally Literary ( featuring Terroir 2016 in Episode 5 – broadcasting this Summer on MCM Channel 11 )


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