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What’s next? Carry that Terroir feeling forward the whole year.

April 14, 2018

Well, it’s happened again. We had a great Terroir Creative Writing Festival and now we are sad it’s over.

You don’t have to feel this way!

You can keep that spirit of literary community and writerly exchange going all year round!

How, you ask?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Join the Terroir board. We are a small group of volunteers who meet once a month September through January and then once ever two weeks from February until the festival in April. By joining us, you’ll get to help decide what writers we bring to Terroir and you’ll be tapped into the area’s literary community. We need you! Just reply to this email and we’ll contact you when the Terroir season starts up again.
  2. Start an event. Want to host a reading event or open mic in your town? We can help you get there. If you have an idea for something literary you’d like to do in public, let us know. We are happy to share events on our FB and email lists when appropriate for our audience.
  3. Tell us how you are doing. Let us know how Terroir is impacting your work! It’s great that we get to chat, but in order for our rural writing community to stay active and alive, we need to share the benefits of events like these.
  4. Share your ideas. Want a particular regional writer to come to Terroir? Tell us! We have our favorites, but we are always open to suggestions.
  5. Alert us about books. Do you have any books, self-published or traditionally published, that have been impacted by Terroir? Let us know! We’d like to put together a page of all the books that have emerged in the area with help from our little writing festival.
  6. Support the writing community. Buy local authors’ books, attend literary events, make friends with our librarian, know every time that you are a part of this community.
  7. Buy local. Whenever possible shop at Third Street Books to support our local economy. Bookselling is a socially conscious endeavor.

Thanks for making Terroir 2018 one for the books!

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