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Nonfiction at the Terroir Creative Writing Festival

April 5, 2023

Real people, real stories, real conflicts, real engagement with our world: We are so excited to connect nonfiction writers at the Terroir Creative Writing Festival, whether they are writing journalism, creative nonfiction, or working a nonfiction approach into other types of creativity. Meet the following nonfiction writers at Terroir this year:

Liz Prato

Liz Prato has a geeky love for research, and used it extensively in her two most recent essay collections: Kids in America: A Gen X Reckoning, and Volcanoes, Palm Trees, and Privilege: Essays on Hawai‘i, a New York Times Top Summer Read and finalist for the Oregon Book Award. 

Workshop:  Beyond Wikipedia: Researching Your Creative Nonfiction Essays

Sure, you know how to use Google, but how do you find the information that will enrich your narrative? Research helps you uncover not just the facts that strengthen your essay or story, but also the nuggets that add texture, quirk, and soul. We’ll explore the research methods available to writers, including primary sources, immersion, and interviews.

Katie Kulla

Author and illustrator Katie Kulla focuses on farming, nature, and family. She has two books forthcoming and publishes regularly in Taproot, Growing for Market, Geez, and Farmer-ish. During the pandemic, she and co-presenter Rebecca Minifie collaborated on a seasonal zine they shared for free with the community.

Rebecca Minifie

Rebecca Minifie, LMT writes seasonal, experiential meditations as part of her work as an herbalist, artist, and teacher. She loves connecting people with local plants! Rebecca collaborated with Katie Kulla to create nature based mini-zines, helping the community to notice and celebrate the seasons.

Workshop: Zine as Creative Process

Come learn about “zines” as a unique genre and how making zines can be a creative practice for opening doors to new ideas. We will set aside perfection and make fun, fresh connections. Participants will make a mini zine. Supplies provided.

Emily Grosvenor

Emily Grosvenor is the author of the home lifestyle guide Find Yourself at Home: A Conscious Approach to Shaping Your Space and Your Life, as well as editor of Oregon Home magazine and Willamette Week’s Nester design publication. She is the longtime publicist for the Terroir Creative Writing Festival.

Publishing Panel: Finding Your Audience

No matter what stage you are at in the publishing process, if you want to have readers, you have to find ways to connect with them. Join independent publisher and novelist Laura Stanfill (see bio above), fiction writer Michelle Ruiz Keil, and nonfiction writer Emily Grosvenor for a discussion on how to do just that.


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