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All of your Terroir questions, ANSWERED

April 26, 2023

It’s just a couple of days until the Terroir Creative Writing Festival! We put together this list of the most-asked questions about Terroir. If you didn’t find yours here, feel free to comment or ask us on our Facebook page.

Where is the event happening?

This year’s Terroir is at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg. Please note that this is a change of venue since our last festival.

Where is that?

The CCC is located just west of George Fox University (marked with the red location marker, above).

Where do I park?

There is ample parking behind the building on E. Sherman Street.

What should I bring?

At a minimum, a notebook and a writing utensil. If you’d like, also bring your business cards (if you have them), a re-usable water bottle, and extra cash or cards for purchasing books by authors you meet at the event.

Am I signed up for the workshops I want?

Your pre-registration form lists the workshops and sessions available during the festival. We cannot promise that there will be room in your number one choice, so plan to stay flexible throughout the day.

What if I need extra help getting around?

Some of our workshops are upstairs and might require use of an elevator. If you need help from a staff member to get around, please let us know ahead of time by messaging us through our FB page.

Will there be a virtual option or are you recording the festival?

Since our mission is to connect people in person, we currently do not offer a virtual option.

Where can I get lunch if I didn’t buy a bagged lunch through the festival?

Since there is limited time for lunch, we recommend the following local lunch spots where you can grab a bite quickly:

Where do I show up the day of the event?

Please enter the building through the entrance on E. Sherman Street. The largest parking lot is also located there. We will have a registration desk set up to greet you there, as well as coffee and tea before our first keynote address.

Anything else? Please message us on FB.

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